Mounting onward to our “M is for” ~
Miss Kately is quite eager and anxious to Meet our Mystery!
So without further ado let’s continue…

Kately opening fridgeMarching onward in our God Made Food Migration ~
Moving along to M is for… a bloom ~
Moist Munchy Mushy Motivation ~
Micro and Macro ~ M is for MUSHROOM!

Mushroom FungiMmmm… MUSHROOM… So what exactly is it?
A vegetable?
A fruit?
None of the above?
In fact, MUSHROOMS are neither true fruits or vegetables as they don’t possess any roots, stems, leaves or seeds and do not require light to grow.
They are a genuine fungus which develops in the dark and releases spores in the air to create more
Now doesn’t this sound appetizing…
So let’s Measure the Marvelous MUSHROOM Muse of our first fungus!

MushroomsDid you know that the Ancient Egyptian culture believed that eating MUSHROOMS would lead to immortality?  In fact, MUSHROOMS have been grown for both their food and medicine benefits for thousands of years.
In the Middle Ages, France first introduced them to society by heavy cultivation which led to their exportation to England and ultimately the Americas.
Today the top producing nation is China growing 32% and the United States is attributed with 16% of the market.

Sliced MushroomsThe most popular MUSHROOM species are the white and brown MUSHROOMS and the field MUSHROOM.  Fresh varieties should be bright, firm and plump and avoid any looking withered, dried up or slimy.

PortabellasThe portabella is a mature variety as its longer growth period accounts for its extra large cap and makes a delicious vegan burger alternative.
Many grocery stores carry an abundance of different varieties to choose from in fresh, dried and canned. 

MUSHROOMS are extremely low in calories as a 1 cup serving contains only 16 calories providing 1.5 grams of fiber along with 1.8 grams of protein.  Vitamins and minerals abound including riboflavin, niacin, selenium, copper, potassium, zinc and manganese.  It is important to note that white buttons provide a high amount of vitamin D and is one of the very few vegan sources.  In addition brown MUSHROOMS appear to have a higher abundance of antioxidants.

Mushroom TypesMUSHROOMS lack any sort of flavor on their own as they are bland in nature.  Thus they absorb the essence of any condiment, spice or dressing pairing.  Therefore, they are quite versatile and easily added to any meal to make an appetizing combination.  Saute some up to add to egg omelettes, stir-frys, casseroles, tacos and create an excellent topping for pizzas and salads too!
The choices and concoctions are endless!

Mushroom VarietyWon’t you enjoy a MUSHROOM Merry Meal Makeover today?

M is for, Vegetables

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